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Meaningful Play

Play can be Healing. Play can be Motivating. 

No child should have to battle cancer or serious illness. 

They should be playing and laughing. They should simply be a kid. But to those families that do face that battle, they are not alone.  

Our mascot, Olly Otter, brings laughter and play to these families so they can laugh through the hard times. While simply playing they can heal physically by first healing mentally and emotionally. 

When you support our mascot program, Meaningful Play, with a tax-deductible gift, you’ll see the impact of play on these families, and you’ll be motivated to play hard too. You’ll see the value of being active and taking care of yourself. All in a playful manner.  

We play to heal. We play to motivate. We play to make everyday a kid’s day. 

To learn more or connect with Olly visit www.facebook.com/MeaningfulPlaywithOlly.

lexington kids day